"Where All of These Towns and Choices End" Official Music Video Directed by Tom Brown (London)

First, a few words about the video from director, Tom Brown:

Justin Curfman's request for me to create a music video that "feels like it is going to melt a CRT screen" couldn't have come at a better moment for me. I was preparing a new live AV show for Magnetic Foragers using the Basic Cable, an unpredictable video glitching device built by a gentleman called Big Pauper in Portland, Oregon in the US. 

The synthetic but classic NTSC feel of the resulting video loops would prove to be a perfect fit for the song's analogue synthesiser-based soundscape. The finished film is partly a visualisation of the music but also a flow of images and influences conjured up by the song itself. 

These included: long car journeys in foreign lands; post-war rebuilding of European cities; dealing with trauma; the death of the analogue TV signal; machinery, repetition and self-reflection; 'Trans-Europe Express' by Kraftwerk; films by Oskar Fischinger, Jane Arden and John Minton; 'The Ideal City' by Fra Carnavale.

Tom Brown

About Tom:

Co-founder of audio-visual live act Magnetic Foragers, Tom Brown is a video artist based in London. He has screened works and performed live at festivals around the UK and is a frequent collaborator with sound artists, musicians and theatrical directors. 

Recent projects include projected visuals for composer Litha Efthymiou's 2015 opera Myisi (premiered at Tete a Tete Opera Festival) and Theatre of the Wandering West, a projected graphic novel created with illustrator James Brown for a live soundtrack written and performed by British band The Cabinet of Living Cinema.

Support Tom Brown & James Allard's audio-visual duo, Magnetic Foragers via BandCamp.

Their latest tracks, "Quiet Days of Unease" and "Desk" were just released on a free/pay as you want basis on February 2. Also check out their full-length audio/video album, 'Field Studies' and their full-length cassette album, 'Sono'.


Now, the song and video that we have been dying to share with you all for months now. We strongly encourage you to watch this in HD on the largest possible screen that you have access to, in total darkness:


All pre-order customers will receive a digital download code via email on February 8, so that you may listen to the album in advance. 


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